HPC Solutions

We provide Linux-based High Performance Clusters for organisations involved in all types of research, including biotechnology, chemical modeling, weather forecasting, oil and gas exploration, and visual effects.

The performance of commodity computers and network hardware continually improves as new technology is introduced and implemented. At the same time, market conditions have led to decreases in the price of these components. As a result, it is now practical to build parallel computational systems based on low-cost, high-density servers and provide great cost and performance advantage over SMP based HPC.

Our High-Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions are designed for data and compute-intensive applications.

Cluster Solutions

We specialise in providing application specific cluster solutions:
o a compute cluster, or
o a storage cluster, or
o a visualisation cluster

High Performance Cluster Solution for Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas industry relies on large volumes of complex scientific and engineering data in order to make decisions to optimize the discovery and production of oil and gas. Large seismic data processing clusters are used to process computational models, which provide a more accurate analysis of the earth's subsurface and are used to guide drilling and extraction operations.

ICSP has experienced staff in building cluster solutions in academic and research, life and computational sciences, applied mathematics. As part of our services, ICSP provides full end-to-end solution for Seismic Data Processing along with its partners.

As the clusters are deployed for Seismic Data processing and analysis, visualization on the same clusters makes sense economically and logistically. Client-server architecture of cluster visualization (rendering performed on cluster, image sent to client) allows processors to visualize their data at their own desk rather than being required to relocate to specific visualization rooms. These shared clusters do provide the flexibility, as more nodes can be added, as more data are required to be visualized or processed.

Our partnerís reservoir simulation packages leverage parallel processing so that a single program runs across a large cluster with high-speed interconnects using MPI software to deliver results quickly and reliably.

We have specialized skills in providing application specific cluster solutions: be it a compute cluster or a storage cluster or visualization cluster. The clusters are optimized to provide best yield to customers.

HPC Services

HPC Infrastructure-based Services

o Computational Cluster
o Distributed Computing
o Grid Computing

Application Development Services

o Grid-enabled Application Development
o Parallelisation of existing applications

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